Co-Founder Fred R. Schwenter

Over 25 years of experience across industries and multiple levels, divisions and locations of complex, multinational organizations. Global experience in organizational and human capital transformations & transitions in the design and the management of transactional business services in operations, ICT, HCM and procurement including BPO’s. Proven skills in sourcing, governance, compliance, change management, cultural awareness, process re-engineering, and communications. A global leader who moves easily from strategic planning to operational implementation.

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CO-Founder Patrik Pechar

Over 15 years of experience in Transformation Management as Executive Director and Program / Project Manager in multi-national and complex environments across different  business segments and organizations. End to end expertise of transformation and change management by having held various positions in the whole lifecycle starting from conceptualization and integration of methodologies in company environments up to applying all transformation aspects as program director for major and global transformation programs. Proven record of building operation organizations and organizational re-alignments on a global, regional and local level.